List of F3B World Champions.

F3B World championship

Following the recent F3B World Championship, I thought it would be interesting to try to compile a list of past winners. I managed to get a list of team medals and individual medals up to 2003 from f3b.de. I got recent information from various team pages and blogs etc. The Houlberg trophy itself is nicely pictured by Gordon Buckland in the USA F3B blog.

If you look at the list it includes some well known figures and absolute soaring legends. And Dave Worall and Steve Haley!

Individual - Houlberg Trophy

Year Country/Place 1st 2nd 3rd
1977 RSA-Verwoerdburg Skip Miller (USA) Fricki Roos (RSA) Sean Bannister (GBR)
1979 BEL - Amay Anton Wackerle (AUT) Ralf Decker (GER) Roy Spavins (RSA)
1981 USA - Sacramento Dwight Holley (USA) Sean Bannister (GBR) Schaefer (GER)
1983 GBR - York Ralf Decker (GER) Helmut Quabeck (GER) David Worall (GBR)
1985 AUS - Waikerie Ralf Decker (GER) David Worall (GBR) Karl Wasner (AUT)
1987 GER - Osnabruck Reinhard Liese (GER) Peter Hoffmann (AUT) Samuele Vilani (ITA)
1989 FRA - Melun Nic Wright (GBR) Peter Hoffmann (AUT) Joris ten Holt (NED)
1991 NED - Terlet Joe Wurts (USA) Daryl Perkins (USA) Stephen Haley (GBR)
1993 ISR - Kefar Sava Denis Duchesne (BEL) Joe Wurts (USA) Klaus Kowalski (GER)
1995 ROM - Brasov Daryl Perkins (USA) Denis Duchesne (BEL) Joe Wurts (USA)
1997 TUR - Ankara Daryl Perkins (USA) Pasi Vaisanen (SWE) Joakim Stahl (SWE)
1999 RSA - Rustenberg Daryl Perkins (USA) Dieter Perlick (GER) Roland Hofmann (SUI)
2001 CZE - Chrudim Daryl Perkins (USA) Joe Wurts (USA) Stefan Knechtie (SUI)
2003 GER - Kirchheim Andreas Bohlen (SUI) Pasi Vaisanen (SWE) Reinard Liese (GER)
2005 FIN-Lappeenranta Andreas Bohlen (SUI) Andreas Herrig (GER) Reinard Liese (GER)
2007 SUI - Emmen Martin Herrig (GER) Andreas Herrig (GER) Fidel Frick (LIE)
2009 CZE - Brno Martin Herrig (GER) Peter Hubbertz (GER) Christian Müller (SUI)
2011 CHN - Laiwu Andreas Herrig (GER) Martin Herrig (GER) Andreas Kunz (GER)
2013 GER - Nardt Andreas Herrig (GER) Martin Herrig (GER) Thomas Dylla (GER)
2015 NED - Deelen Martin Herrig (GER) Andreas Herrig (GER) Andreas Bohlen (SUI)

Teams - Challenge Baron Mike Donnet

Year Country/Place 1st 2nd 3rd
1977RSA - VerwoerdburgUSAUKAUS
1979BEL - AmaySouth AfricaAustriaGermany
1981USA - SacrementoGermanyUSASouth Africa
1983UK - YorkGermanyUKAustria
1985AUS - WaikerieUKGermanyAustria
1987GER - OsnabruckAustriaUKGermany
1989FRA - MelunAustriaNetherlandsGermany
1991NED - TerletGermanyUKUSA
1993ISR - Kefar SavaGermanyAustriaUSA
1995ROM - BrasovUSAGermanyAustria
1997TUR - AnkaraSwedenUKUSA
1999RSA - RustenbergSwitzerlandGermanyFrance
2001CZE - ChrudimSwitzerlandGermanySweden
2003GER - KirchheimSwitzerlandGermanySweden
2005FIN - Lappeenranta GermanySweden USA
2007SUI - Switzerland GermanySwitzerland USA
2009CZE - Brno GermanySwitzerlandAustria
2011CHN - Laiwu GermanyUSA France
2013GER - Nardt GermanyAustria USA
2015NED - Deleen GermanySwitzerland Sweden

Here is an Olympic style medal table for the Individual results. 3 points for 1st, 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd. Germany includes results from FRG (West Germany). In the case of draws I separate by most gold, or most silvers if golds are even. I include the number of medals won.

South Africa01123

Medal table for teams.

South Africa10124


  1. Well done Tom on gathering this data. I was proud to be part of the 1997 Silver team in Turkey, along with Nic Wright and Steve Haley.

    Simon T

  2. hi Simon

    Well done on winning the medal mate. I hope you still have it!


  3. Thanks for your records, got some info from them, but you do not have a result for Teams for 1989 - I believe it was 1 AUT 2 NED 3 GER,
    Des B

  4. Hi Des

    thanks for letting me know. I have corrected the tables.


    1. Your are welcome Tom, I also need help to get the Logos for F3B years of '79 Belg, '81 USA, '83 GBR, '93 ISR, '95 ROM, '97 TURK, '99 Sth Afrnica to finish off my collection of W C info if anybody can help thaks,
      Des B

  5. Hi Des

    maybe have a look here:


    1. Thanks Tom - had already been there, fantastic info and a little help - am biting the bullet and going direct to the country concerned and getting excellent results as most keep copies of things in there archives - got the '81 USA programme just this morning and will soon have all of them, tks again,

  6. Hi Des

    what are you going to do with all this info? Publish it I hope.
    Cheers Tom

    1. Tom,
      Sorry for delay, I keep forgetting to re-check any responses here as I am not accustomed to doing this.
      Yes it will be published but only as part of the History of a local club in Melbourne Aust., however, I would be happy to pass it on to whoever wants it. It relates only to F3b F3j & F3k WC's, shows Indiv & Team Trophies (Not a good one of the F3J Teams one), has ALL Podium Places for Indiv & Teams, also places for Aus Team Indiv & also Team place with Photo of AUS Team only, also Logo for all events, that is when completed - still some elements to go. So iffen anybody wants the finished product then they can ask and we see how we pass it on,

    2. Tom, I have thought more about your comment to publish it - I think you mean to put it 'up' somewhere for others to see it on the internet somewhere - I do not know how to do such things, but maybe when the article is complete, somebody will show me how to do it?? Bearing in mind it is oriented towards the Aussie side of things,

  7. Hello Des'Thankyou for for all the work you have put into this page. As an Australian I cop a bit of stick from foreigners about my country being under-represented in the f3b championships. Yet I have a friend that has flown f3b most of his life, his name is John Skinner and he lives in Tasmania - my home. He is a good pilot and spends a lot of time travelling and competing. He was recently in Europe doing so. He told me the Aussie team didn't do so well this time (2017).

    In the final table above for team medal count Australia gets one point and Germany gets forty two!

    Do you know where I should look to find out about how Australia got a mention in the medal count. I cant see any placings in the preceeding tables and wonder if we got that one point for being good sports?

    Cheers, Phil Elliott

    1. Hi Phil
      I know John through facebook. He's given me some really helpful advice on f3b. Good guy.
      I can't immediately remember where I got all the data from. I'll have to have a look round.
      Obviously it needs updating from the last wc.

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