2015 - League 1 Result

Below is the result of the first round of the BMFA F3B League of 2015.

#NameScorePcntScoreRnd1 DurRnd1 DisRnd1 SpdRnd2 DurRnd2 DisRnd2 SpdPlty
1Tom Satinet5829.61005829.610001000898.710001000930.90
2Steve Haley574898.65748995.710001000784.310009680
3Mike Challinor5719.698.115719.61000857.1935.3998.6928.610000
4Simon Haley5379.992.295379.9650963913.410001000853.50
5Bill Haley4440.476.174440.4800.9687.5711.8634.8761.9843.50
6Clive Needham4209.172.24209.1555.7409.1727.57701000746.80
7John Whittle3618.962.083618.9977.11000879.90761.900
8Bob Dickenson2813.248.262813.2987.1100000826.100

League 1 was flown at a new venue near Altricham. The field was very flat and had an ideal amount of grass on it, although it was on the tight side for F3B. The weather was very sunny if not especially warm, perhaps because of the NE wind direction. The wind direction would mean the sun was somewhat problematic in the middle of the day as it was in the centre of the course. However, it was a good day for a soaring contest, with moderate winds and variable thermal activity.