F3B Nationals - RAF Cranwell

The bank holiday weekend of the 24th, 25th and 26th of August was the weekend the BMFA nationals were held at Barkston Heath. The silent flight nationals were held a few miles away at RAF Cranwell, due space restrictions at Barkston. Unfortunately the weather was not as good as it has been this summer and I arrived to a sea of umbrellas.

The decision was that we would drive over to Barkston heath to sample the delights of the trade stalls (okay food stalls) and make a weather call at 12:30pm. As it turned out the weather actually cleared up around 10am, but at 9am it had been incredibly wet and the chances of flying an hour later looked extremely remote. By 12:30 there had been no rain for a while we headed back to Cranwell and setup the course. Unfortunately only one round of duration was completed before the rain returned. I would advise against leaving your car door and window open if there is a strong chance of rain.

Despite some parts of the day being as wet as the proverbial otter's pocket, it was a fun day out with the F3b guys and we will fly the nationals on the reserve date.

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