Pictures from 2014 Nationals

Here are further pictures from the Nats from someone who knows that they are actually doing with a camera - Mike Holtby. Although I did win first place for photography at Driffield show, when I was a lad. True story. Anyway, the slide show should work on ipad etc, if not please let me know.


2014 F3B Nationals

I am very pleased to report that the 2014 F3B Nationals were unaffected by rain, unlike previous league events which were cancelled. We had a decent entry of 15 pilots - one pilot dropped out before the start leaving 14 remaining competitors. The event was held at RAF Cranwell which is close to the site of the main BMFA nationals. A fun element for the f3b was the prize of a can of beer for each slot winner.

The contest started with round 1 of duration. Things didn't start well for Mike Holtby when the centre spring in his transmitter aileron stick broke - his model was damaged on landing and he wasn't able to carry on. Round 1 of duration was pretty easy with nearly everybody flying out the slots. I managed a 10:00/100, which was the best points score of the round and pleasing with my new Avatar. The beer was being handed out fast, as several pilots managed to draw in the decent soaring conditions, to claim joint slot wins.

Two rounds of distance were flown next. Jon Sage managed the best score of 20 legs in the first round and flew very well in the contest, especially considering it was his first event for a couple of seasons. Mike C lost out to Steve by one lap - 11 to 12 - in tricky conditions. Distance scoring being what it is though, one lap hurt his score at 11/12.