Bobs Beery Banter at the Speed Comp


The speed comp was held at the Wetlands, near Retford this year. It has formed the traditional season pre opener, and a chance to try and sort models and equipment for the upcoming season. Nine pilots attended. This could possibly have been higher, but it's not a bad turn out for a non-league event.

The morning started with rain, in fact, when I turned up at around 8.20am, I was the first there. After about 20 minutes on my own I got worried, had I done it again? Rung Marlene to check F3B UK messages and yes, it turned out I was actually at the right place – it is not entirely unknown for me to get it wrong.

However, Mike then turned up and I was reassured. Mikey's Internet – enabled mobile phone told us things would brighten up by lunchtime. Therefore, when most people had turned up we set out the course. The rain eased up enough for us to have test flights.

Steve was hard at work, test flying his new Fosa. This, in the air, is my opinion is an absolutely stunning looking model, the high aspect ratio makes it look in my eyes perfectly proportioned. I was impressed, especially later, when he was thermaling the model in fairly light air while carrying 2/3 ballast.

I was flying my new Crossfire Evo "V" tail, purchased unflown from Alan Jones. It had had maybe 10 launches before today and not yet tried for speed or even launched with ballast.

I spent the day tweaking launch and speed settings, steadily getting confidence and pleasure out of the model. Although my best time through the day was only 21 something, I was pleased with the results and feel that there is much more to follow.

So on to the comp. Mike kicked off with a 16.9 run which included a cut. Very quick, but disallowed. John Whittle had a run with 2 cuts at Base 8. I think his distance judgement was perfect but his course alignment was diagonal – hence the cuts.

Chris Jubb's second run was a PB of 23 something. I was proud of him and his chat man.

Clive I think had an average sort of day with some decent and some poor runs – but nothing got broken - I'm sure he enjoyed his day.

Phil Goddard had some highly interesting launches. Fortunately he is not a total newcomer and I hope can take a little constructive criticism. Heh – Heh! However, he got through the day without damage and was gaining confidence all day long – we await developments.

Simon Haley kicked off with a couple of very entertaining runs when it was obvious that the model was out of elevator trim. This quite pleased me because I figured that at least I wouldn't be beaten by juvenile midget.

Then Dad trimmed it right. The result was a 17.7 Yep – 17 point bloody 7. I'm speechless. I wish I was 11 again. Superb run! I might have to ask Dad to trim mine.

Incidentally – at some point in the afternoon I was earwigging Steve on the phone to Fiona (keeper of the Haley halo) explaining that rudder controlled yaw, elevator controlled pitch, and flaps controlled the amount of lift generated by the wing. I thought it would be beneficial to listen because I might learn something. It was something to do with a school project for Simon. I also found out that Fiona (keeper of the Haley Halo) thought that she should be due for a mention in the next BBB league report.

Apparently this would result in Steve being on a promise (probably meant a nice home cooked tea) or did she mean me?
I have to be careful because Marlene types this up. Perhaps we can arrange a model swapping evening where everyone throws their transmitter in a ring and picks one out blindfolded?

Food for thought!

However, I feel that I may have digressed too far already – the competition day finished up being flown in superb conditions, in great company, and I am certain was enjoyed by all.



Comments on Sundays Speed Test from Steve Haley

Sunday’s speed practise event once again presented great conditions to get back into the competitive grove and test new models, pilots and techniques. On team Haley’s agenda, test new winch configurations, one much repaired model from last season and a complete new model for the 2011 campaign.

Over the winter we decided to ditch the standard Haley winch configuration (draw bar and wheels) for the more European framed layout to improve transport logistics and both winch's performed very well.

Our trusted F3B Precious is now been flown by its third team Haley pilot Simon and although this model was very nearly scrapped at the end of last season following more abuse, it was repaired over the winter and once again proved how well this model always launch’s in neutral conditions. Following a couple of interesting setup runs Simon flew two 17 second runs with a PB of 17.7 seconds followed by a rather low reversal much to his father’s surprise!

I, on the other hand had a rather frustrating but enjoyable day. Having taken delivery of the latest Baudis development only 10 days prior, I was keen to test the new Fosa F3b model. This model bucks the current trend in F3B design with its high aspect ratio and latest construction techniques. Testing every possible setup parameter I tried for most of the day to find a performance window that I was happy with and consequently, I struggled to break out of the 17 second band throughout the six rounds flown. Eventually though, I did find some performance and ended the day with a 14 second run albeit in reasonable air...which certainly gave some much needed encouragement....

This is purely feedback from team Haley’s day and I will leave the detailed competition report to Bob as always...

2011 Season Primary Speed Test Sunday 13th March

Well a glorious day

Steve Haly took the days win and also the fastest time.
Steve's best time of 14.85 flying his new "yet to be fully trimmed " Fosa.

Junior Simon Haley suprised us all (and his dad Steve) with a 17.7 second run, a PB for Simon.

Haley, Steve 100

Challinor, Mike 90.07

Whittle, John 86.9

Haley, Simon 80.4

Dickinson, Bob 74.95

Haley, Bill 72.57

Needham, Clive 66.69

Goddard, Phil 56.67

Jubb, Chris 48.54



2011 BMFA F3B League Dates

Speed Comp Sunday 13th March The Wetlands North Notts.
League 1 Saturday 16th April Upton upon Severn
                       Dutch Euro Tour Sat/Sun 7th/8th May. Arnhem.
League 2 Sunday 22nd May The Wetlands.
League 3 Sat/Sun 11th/12th June The Wetlands. Format to be decided.
                      Belgium Euro Tour Sat/Sun 2nd/3rd July Anthisnes.
League 4 Sunday 17th July Barkston Heath (applied for) Otherwise The Wetlands.
League 5 Sunday 31st July The Wetlands.
League 6 Nationals. August Bank Holiday Weekend. Which day will depend on the new SFTC as to the format. Hopefully it will be on Saturday 27th with F3J taking one day Sunday. 28th
League 7 Saturday 24th Sept Upton.

Reserve Day Sunday 16th Oct The Wetlands.

Winter Practice Session 27th February

A brief report from Bill Haley

 I would like to thank everyone who turned out for the F3B practice on Sunday 28th.
 This was the third time of asking as the weather would not play ball  on previous weekends.Indeed it tried its best to foul things up on Sunday with unforecast rain until lunchtime. After that although it threatened rain we managed uninterrupted flying for about four hours.
I would like to thank especially the new boys Simon Thornton, John West, Paul Middleton, Martin Newnham and Phil Goddart. They were flying models which included Ceres, Ceres Lift, Scorpion, Cyril and Freestyler  3.
 They all looked extremely capable flyers and with practice I am sure they would be a threat to the established crowd. I hope that we will see you all again through out the coming season.

Total turnout was fourteen flyers.

Bill Haley