Andreas Herrig Wins the 2013 World Championship

It came down to the last speed flight. Flying one after the other, Martin Herrig put in a 14.91 to put the pressure on his brother. Andreas responded with a 15.11 to take the WC. All live on the stream.

No doubt there are plenty of pictures and stories to come from the people who were lucky enough to be there. The team pages from Spain and USA etc are worth a look. Germany takes first, second and third in the individual standings and first in the team standings. You can't really argue with that!

The top three pilots and teams remain as they were in the previous post. Detailed results are here. Congratulations guys. Roll on 2015!

Right back to normal f3b - 24/08/2013 - the Nationals at RAF Cranwell :-) Time to show how it's really (not) done.

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