World Championship Video Archive

Someone rcgroups just put up a link to the 2013 F3b World Championship video stream. It seems like there are many hours of footage available. I.e pretty much the complete event. LINK.

Bermuda Wetlands

Bob's Cobra has been found thankfully! Inevitably Mike found that he had been within a few metres of where it was eventually found. Why does that always happen?! Photos here (ipad etc) or slide show:


2013 Report - 2014 Team Selection

Here is a report from Clive Needham on the 2013 and thoughts on 2014.

First of all congratulations to Steve Haley (Fosa) on once again being top of the League table with a perfect of 1000 points at all four contests with three out of the four to count. Second was, still a junior, Simon Haley (Precious) 2859 points and a close third Mike Challinor 2807 (Fosa Lift) Simon also awarded the Nigel Mead Trophy as the most improved pilot of the year It is difficult to assess the 2013 season because of all the cancellations and abandonment’s due to the weather, thus resulting in fewer of you as a proportion attending all of the comps which were available The benchmark for a full season is the number who have attended at least 4 out of the usual available 6 or 7 comps, in 2012 (which was a full season) fewer pilots achieved this, therefore we are too reliant on this dedicated group which can cause difficulties if some are unable to attend. 14 Competitors attended in 2013 of those 11 listed on the final results flew in 3 or more contests.

We have been helped a little this year by the return of Dave Worrall, Norman Quirk and Mike Holtby and I hope some of you who have not flown for a year or two will also return in 2014, plus those who dip in and out of the League will make the effort to attend more. I can think of at least 6 who fall into these two categories. Thanks are due to Steve and Simon Haley for setting up the matrix and compiling the results for most of the season, a duty which was latterly taken over by Tom Satinet.