F3B at Home

Just a reminder to check out my friend Sergi Valls' F3B at Home site. I always enjoy Sergi's site as he keeps it updated with events from the continent and has a knack of finding information about new models!

Sergi has put up some information about new airframes to tempt us.
F3b at Home.


38th Oktoberfest Pokal

The 38th running of the Octoberfest F3B contest begins - Facebook page. Live scores here.

Club website here. This is possibly the biggest event on the F3B calendar other than the worlds.


BMFA League 2013 - Round 6 - Report

With the way the weather suddenly changed a couple of weeks ago, you could be forgiven for thinking that winter had arrived. However, the day at Wetlands on Sunday felt more like the BBQ weather of a couple of months ago! Perhaps it was the last warm day of the year, so it was a good day to fly some f3b. Winds were moderate, although launch heights generally didn't seem to be quite as high as I was expecting. There were a few good ones but generally it was pretty average I thought. Well that's my excuse anyway.

Conditions for thermal soaring were excellent, with most people flying out the 10 minutes fairly easily. Bob did struggle in one flight and showed his usual never say die attitude. Perhaps it might have been time to give up when the model was below the tree line though! Reports are not yet back from the search party.


Pictures from Clive's Archive

More pictures kindly provided from the Needham archives. Some pictures of men in shorts, so be warned! And bare naked carbon fibre.


Pictures and Gifs from Nardt

I saw these pictures on facebook, posted by Belgian pilot Steeve Hansoulle. The album includes a number of cool animated GIF files.