F3B Speed PB List

Please leave a comment if you believe your PB time/model/location/date etc is incorrect or incomplete. The list includes links to model manufacturer sites or information, where possible.

NameTime ModelEventLocationDate
Steve Haley13.86Radical BMFA - Speed CompRetford2008
Nic Wright14.99ElectraBMFA League 2 1999
Mike Challinor15.09PreciousBMFA - Speed CompRetford2010
Paul Carrington15.24SkorpionBMFA League 2007
Stu Blanchard15.63CobraBMFA League 1998
Tom Satinet15.80AvatarSpeed ContestRetford2016
Mark Passingham15.88CyrilBMFA - Speed Comp 2010
Jon Whittle15.96Samsara (O/D)Nationals 2005
Simon Haley16.03Fosa ElectricBMFA - Speed CompRetford2016
Dave Worrall16.04Crossfire 1BMFA League 2009
Dave Charles16.37CobraBMFA League 4 1998
Simon Thornton16.62Ellipse 1 BMFA B LeagueDelyn1995
Simon Jackson16.79EstrellaBMFA League 2008
Ken Woodhouse16.81TargetBMFA League 6Cottesmore2011
Mike Holtby16.98CobraBMFA League 4 1998
Joel West17.28FosaBMFA - League 1Upton2012
Bill Haley17.64PreciousBMFA League 2010
Neil Hutchinson17.68CobraBMFA League 6 1998
Tony Vale17.69EurophiaBMFA League 2Retford2004
John Phillips17.71 BMFA - Speed CompRetford2010
Norman Quirk18.02EurophiaBMFA League 2009
Neil Harrison18.38DingoBMFA B League 6 Nationals2010
Clive Needham18.62CobraBMFA - Speed CompRetford2007
Johnathan Sage18.69Radical ProNationalsCranwell2014
Jonathan Wells18.76 BMFA League 2007
Bob Dickenson18.85CobraBMFA League 5 Lynton on Ouse2001
Mark Southall19.20TragiBMFA B League 2007
Nuno Canteiro19.64EurophiaBMFA League 5Retford2005
John Stewart20.53EstrellaBMFA League 2007
Ian Duff20.75 Nationals 2009
Neil Jones21.19SupersonicBMFA League 4Retford2009
Brian Johnson21.46 BMFA B League 3 2011
Tom Mcpherson21.50Pike WRBMFA - Speed CompRetford2012
Alan Jones21.76Crossfire 1BMFA B League 7Retford
Chris Jubb25.77 BMFA League 4Retford2006
Peter Softley25.78GraphiteNationals 2004

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  1. Hi, where is mine? I think I beat 20 seconds once. Jonathan chadwick