Photos from 2014 Oktoberfestpokal

Photos from the 2014 event here. Serious f3b action....

2014 Season - Final Standings

Below are the standing for the BMFA F3B League of 2014. Best 4 scores from 5. Congratulations Steve!

Rank Pilot Score R2 R3Nats R5R6Model(s)
1Steve Haley4000100010001000680.121000Fosa
2John Whittle3908.46983.01874.73979.131000946.32Ascot
3Tom Satinet3772.82955.840956.16989.29871.53Stinger/Avatar
4Dave Worral3511.60743.47906.89931.51929.73Crossfire electric
5Bob Dickenson3072.23714.23699.55706.32880.91770.77Fosa Lift/Ascot
6Clive Needham2927.86661.71774.23364.86837.57654.35Dingo Electric
7Simon Haley2633.5272.530909.48980.67470.82Precious
8Brian Johnson2340.320823.34741.78775.20Ascot/Eraser
9Bill Haley2295.84705.84166.72426.33358.9804.77Precious
10Paul Carrington2066.760786.07943.57337.120Arsen
11Mike Challinor1874.070935.78938.2900Fosa Lift
12Jonathan Sage1671.5800938.39733.190Radical
13John Phillips1549.2400754.390794.85Precious/Toba
14John Penton1471.13000716.81754.32Graphite
15Mike Holtby559.380559.38000Cobra
16Phil Goddard120.40120.4000Ceres

Round 6 - 2014 - Report

Rounds was the final event of the 2014 season. Again the weather was pretty decent. Although on the way to the Wetlands it was really foggy and I thought we would not be able to fly till after lunch. Thankfully the fog cleared by about 10am and it wasn't an issue. Things didn't start well for Team Haley with both of their winches not working following an overall. Steve and Bob managed to get one of them going and Clive lent his winch, so it was alright in the end

There was certainly and end of season vibe, with a dark, cold morning and obvious feeling of winter in the air. I think it's fair to say the flat field soaring is more of a summer pursuit! Conditions were forecast for virtually no wind at the start of the day followed by a slight pick up in the afternoon. By that time it was even T-shirt weather and I even went for an application of sun tan lotion. Although that may owe more to my pasty complexion than the searing sunshine. The clocks are changing and the nights drawing in so no excuses for me not putting together that second avatar before next season. Those servos don't put themselves in.

Round 5 Report

As we've just flown round 6 it has reminded me to do a quick report for round 5. My memory is a little hazy but I have the score sheets at least. It was a pretty good day weather wise despite heavy rain the previous day and forecasts of the impending doom of winter. The air was quite windy and rough at times. John Penton was back flying f3b electric after a long lay off. It seems that Clive's f3b electric master plan is starting to come to fruition. Electric might out number winch soon. It's hard to argue against the convenience of electric - I wonder what the future holds for f3b and f3j (??).

As usual the contest got under way with duration. Slot 1 was fairly easy with all but one pilot flying it out. I wont with a 9:59 100. The 2nd slot was harder and the winning score was 8:47 60, by Brian Johnson - f3j experience paying off it would seem. Jon Sage didn't do his usual job in duration and dropped a few points. The final slot was similar to the first with Steve Haley winning the slot. Paul Carrington only flew 2 seconds less, but only made a 35 landing due to lumpy air in the landing zone.