Speed Contest 2016

PilotModelR1 TimeR1 PointsR2 TimeR2 PointsR3 TimeR3 PointsR4 TimeR4 PointsTotal
Tom SatinetAvatar/Stinger16.76991.615.80946.820.00801.520.08987.53728
Simon HaleyFosa (e)16.621000.022.60661.916.031000.024.55807.73470
John PhillipsTanga19.43855.419.03786.120.13796.319.90996.53434
Bob DickensonAscot21.83761.320.81718.920.67775.519.831000.03256
Steve HaleyFosa (e)17.32959.614.961000.016.78955.30.000.02915
Bill HaleyAscot (e)22.87726.724.54609.624.89644.022.31888.82869
Jon WhittleOwn Design18.00923.316.52905.618.03889.10.000.02718
Phil BrandrethSitar/Electra45.90362.140.19372.235.21455.338.27518.21708
CliveAscot (e)35.80464.

After a couple of years of not being able to run the pre-season speed contest we managed to squeeze one in this year. However, fog until around mid day restricted the number or rounds that were flown. Nonetheless it was a good day to try for a PB with light winds making course navigation easier than it can be in strong winds, and thermals being present in the afternoon sunshine.

The first round went to Simon with a 16.62, which was a PB. Round 2 went to Steve with a fast 14.96 (myself a 15.80 for a PB). Round 3 went to Simon with another PB of 16.03. Round 4 went to Bob, who was very consistent, with a 19.83 run. Simon was probably the fastest pilot on the day but cut in round 2 and in round 4 had a cut that I didn't signal properly. He also cut in the ensuing reflight! It was a shame as he showed what a good pilot he is.

In the end I "won" - largely due to other pilots having problems. It was really a day for trying for a PB and getting out to do a bit of flying. Fun as always.

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