Dates for 2016 BMFA league

Happy new year (?!).... Below are the dates for the 2016 league. I am pretty certain these will remain as they are but I await absolute final confirmation from Mike P/Clive.

  • Speed - 12 or 13th March
  • League 1 - 7th May
  • League 2 - 28/29 May
  • League 3 - 25/26 June
  • League 4 - 30/31 July
  • Nats (League 5) - TBC?
  • Nats reserve - TBC

The dates are what is practical to fit in with other events at the Wetlands, which is becoming an increasingly popular site for esoaring, f5j and flower arranging (probably). I'm some what inclined to setting a definite date (either the sunday or the saturday) and trying to stick to that this year, due to work commitments, but we'll go with what best suits the consensus. The situation with the silent flight nationals remains unclear. The nationals reserve will only be organised and flown if the nationals doesn't produce a result.

1 comment:

  1. Tom,

    Sorry can not make speed comp, 7th may, June or July dates. Due to family and clashes with f3k.

    Mike Challinor