2016 Nationals Result

PilotDur 1Dis 1Dis 2Speed 1Speed 2 Dur 2TotalRank%
Jon Whittle100010001000901965100058661100
Steve Haley820100010001000100010005820299.22
Tom Satinet860100010006306859915166388.07
Mike Holtby9909448576363816114419475.33
Brian Johnson80610006326295088184393574.89
Bob Dickenson100088985706536884087669.67
Bill Haley1000565657523010003745763.84
Phil Brandeth99957121136533002476842.21

Here, very belatedly, are the results from this years Nats. Congrats to John Whittle on his well flown victory and new PB in speed. The Target looked very fast.

It looks like this will be the last F3B contest in the UK for now and possibly for ever. I was flying f3j at the weekend and it was discussed there how quickly participation numbers have fallen off in the last few years. It is what it is as the modern saying goes. F5J seems to be doing well though, so that is something. Clive thanks for your efforts in running f3b and trying to keep it going. There are some pictures from the contest that Mike H took. I will ask him to send them to me.

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