2015 - Round 3 - Results

Below are the scores for round 3 on 27.06.15.

Soaring conditions were good with some strong lift with out it being too easy in duration. The contest was won by Steve Haley. Everyone else had at least one bad round, but with Steve flying a 14.63 in speed 1, he was always going to be tough to beat. I lost 400 points in a bad duration, Simon had a bad Speed (30.xx), as did Dave (27.xx). John Whittle had problems with his CG when ballasted, and lost points in distance and speed, but his own built model looks very promising. I believe Steve's time of 14.63 is a new record for electric f3b.

While sometimes one doesn't feel motivated to get ready for a soaring contest, once you are out on the field that buzz comes back and you feel the thrill of flying. Especially in F3b with it's complexities, which test you as a pilot.

RankNameScorePcntRaw ScoreRnd1 DurRnd1 DisRnd1 SpdRnd2 DurRnd2 DisRnd2 SpdPlty
1Steve Haley6000100.0060001000100010001000100010000
2Simon Haley526487.7352649321000768.810001000563.20
3Tom Satinet520386.725203598.91000749.1964.31000890.70
4Dave Worral5068.984.485068.91000944.4528.3971.4736.88880
5John Whittle5003.783.405003.7991.4562.5605.8950.51000893.50
6Clive Needham3856.664.283856.6933.4565.2650.2275.7733.3698.80
7Bill Haley1255.420.921255.4316.500938.9000

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