Comments on Sundays Speed Test from Steve Haley

Sunday’s speed practise event once again presented great conditions to get back into the competitive grove and test new models, pilots and techniques. On team Haley’s agenda, test new winch configurations, one much repaired model from last season and a complete new model for the 2011 campaign.

Over the winter we decided to ditch the standard Haley winch configuration (draw bar and wheels) for the more European framed layout to improve transport logistics and both winch's performed very well.

Our trusted F3B Precious is now been flown by its third team Haley pilot Simon and although this model was very nearly scrapped at the end of last season following more abuse, it was repaired over the winter and once again proved how well this model always launch’s in neutral conditions. Following a couple of interesting setup runs Simon flew two 17 second runs with a PB of 17.7 seconds followed by a rather low reversal much to his father’s surprise!

I, on the other hand had a rather frustrating but enjoyable day. Having taken delivery of the latest Baudis development only 10 days prior, I was keen to test the new Fosa F3b model. This model bucks the current trend in F3B design with its high aspect ratio and latest construction techniques. Testing every possible setup parameter I tried for most of the day to find a performance window that I was happy with and consequently, I struggled to break out of the 17 second band throughout the six rounds flown. Eventually though, I did find some performance and ended the day with a 14 second run albeit in reasonable air...which certainly gave some much needed encouragement....

This is purely feedback from team Haley’s day and I will leave the detailed competition report to Bob as always...

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