1st Winter Practice report from Clive Needham

Brief report from Clive

Those who did not attend yesterday missed a golden opportunity to set up and trim models.
The weather was better than the forecast, which wasn’t too bad anyway.
There was a steady medium breeze without any strong gusts.
The biggest problem was the low sun which we were launching into all day due to the SSW wind direction.
Young Simon Haley was using an old model, the Obsession, launching himself under Dad’s supervision to a good height and getting in some excellent Distance practice.
His landings were also pretty close to the centre, so some of us had better watch out.
Bob Dickenson was getting to grips with his recently purchased second hand Estralla and was very pleased with it at the end of the day.
Chris Jubb has put together a Cobra from various parts of different ones and had some problems with the receiver end of the chain but was able to sort it out by the time we packed up.
I will be away for almost three weeks from the 1st Dec so Chris Jubb will be in charge of checking the weather forecast for a further practice day.
The most suitable dates would appear to be Sunday 6th Dec and the following Sunday the 13th as a reserve if the weather is poor, any later and it would be getting too near Christmas.

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