Results - 2012

Final results for the league in 2012, given the cancellation of the reserve round due to un-flyable conditions (fog). Best four from six results counted in the end. Winner and champion of the nationals and the league was Steve Haley. Well done Steve!

1Steve Haley4000
2Mike Challinor3771.114
3John Whittle3554.367
4Simon Haley3535.206
5Tom Satinet3419.347
6Bill Haley3158.545
7Bob Dickenson3006.565
8Cliv Needham2654.129
9John Phillips2318.948
10Alan Flockhart1868.07
11Jonathan Sage1593.443
12Mike Holtby1513.732
13Norman Quirk1504.591
14Brian Johnson1493.639
15Simon Jackson1299.664
17Joel West846.56
18Paul Carrington820.203
19Colin Lucas688.232
21Tom McPherson564.657
22Phil Goddard294.105

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