2015 League Dates

  • Speed/Distance Contest - Wetlands - 7/8th or 14th March.
    • Reserve date possibly Sat/Sun21st/22nd.
  • League 1 - Timperley Club - 18th or 25th April.
  • League 2 - Wetlands - 30th/31st May.
    • Reserve date possibly 6/7th June
  • League 3 - Wetlands - 27th/28th June.
    • Reserve date possibly 4th/5th July.
  • League 4 - Wetlands - 25/26th July.
    • Reserve date possibly 1st/2nd August.
  • League 5 - RAF Cranwell - NATIONALS - 30th August ONLY.
  • League or Nationals Reserve 1 - TBC - 26/27th September.
  • League or Nationals Reserve 2 - TBC - 17/18th October.

If required a possible further date on the 24/25th October may be flown. This is the weekend the clocks go back.

To enable as many contests as possible to take place, a decision will be made on the Friday evening preceding the contest or reserve date regarding the day (Saturday or Sunday), or whether the event will run (i.e weather call). All reserve dates are dependent on sites being available and enough competitors being able to attend.

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